Favorite Hiking Spots

With the weather starting to warm up, all I want to do is be outside. Even if my shoes are caked in mud from the wet soil.  There is so much peace with finally being on the steady trail (as opposed to an icy one). Although we are probably bound for a few more spots of snow, I am excited at the thought of spring/summer hiking. I thought I would list out some of my favorite places to spend some quality time with mother nature.

Twin Cities Area:

Minniehaha Falls

Any time of year, the place is a great for photo shoots. Keep in mind, this place is always busy and that can interfere with photo taking. However, do not fear. Minnesota-nice is always here to save the day and more often than not the scenery hogs are willing to take a few snaps of you with the Falls as well.

The Falls in the Summer Time.


Farther down the Falls there is a quieter spot where many people like to dangle their legs and feet in the water. That is, in the summer time.
Minniehaha in the winter. Looks like a real life Narnia.


Spring Lake Park Reserve

Looking for a trail that is a little less busy and does not cost you any money? Spring Lake Park is for you! This park is located farther from the Twin Cities, allowing you to be completely alone with nature. The trails offer beautiful views of the Mississippi River as well as gorgeous tall grass plains that are spectacular at sunset. This is by far my first go to when it comes to choosing a trail.

View of the Mississippi River. So Gorgeous!
So much green! Makes me miss summer so much more!

Note: They are very strict about Park times. You have been warned. :0

Willow River State Park

Being a very proud gopher fan, it is hard to admit that Wisconsin has one of my favorite places to hike. But this park is by far the most grand. If you want to watch and be amazed by nature, this is the place to go. The amount of activity that happens at the Falls makes it seem like a beehive. Birds are flying close to the Falls, people are hiking up the sides of the Falls, and dogs & owners are swimming across.

I mean really, this is in Wisconsin?
This is a lookout over the Falls. It is ever prettier in the Fall with the colorful leaves.

Note: If it has rained recently it will be very, very muddy on the trails.

Double Note: If you have a waterproof camera, bring it. I have seen people take the coolest pictures behind the Falls.

Northern Minnesota Area:

Bean and Bear Lake Trail

If you are traveling to the North Shore, you need to take a hike to Bean and Bear Lake. The trail is a tad bit hard to find at first but once you find it you will be amazed for the next 6 miles. Compared to the rest of the trails, this one tends to be a little bit rocky and more challenging. But don’t worry the people you meet on the trail are super friendly and helpful.

Perfect, right?
Ignore the tongue.

Where is your favorite hiking spots in Minnie/’Sconsin? Share the wealth of knowledge of the trails down below. 

Happy Hiking!






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