Things Every Girl Needs to Know Heading into 2015

Another New Year? Is is really 2015?

I saw somewhere that the year 2000 is just as far away as the year 2030. That took a few seconds for the perplexity of that statement to sink in. I have been extremely blessed with the past 15 years and am optimistic to the next 15 years.

Instead of coming up with a list of resolutions that need to be completed, I came up with a list of ‘need to know’ points before entering into the new year. Here are my list of things every girl needs to know before heading into 2015:

1. You are so worthy. You are worthy of great and powerful things to happen in your life. You are worthy of unending love. Your worth is not something that can be shaken or damaged by outside forces.

2. You are going to get hurt and that is okay. Pain is apart of life. No one is excused from feeling pain. Your heart is going to break and you are going to suffer from annoying headaches. Although, how you choose to react to hurt and pain is entirely up to you.

3. Which leads me to my next point. You are entitled to feel every emotion. The good. The bad. Even the ugly. Do not let your emotions be belittled or discarded. Emotions are to big to be swept under a rug. Allow yourself to feel every emotion.

4. You are in charge of my own happiness. Being in a relationship is not everything. Listen to the friends that have repeatedly said “you deserve better.” Love yourself, wholeheartedly.

5. You are in a marathon, not a sprint. Feel free to slow down. Enjoy the life you have been given at this exact moment. Be proactive about loving life because It is hard to recover from burning yourself out.

6. Take care of your physical body. Promise yourself to take the stairs more often than not, choose a side of veggies instead of chips. Actively make positive and healthy choices. This also includes but is not limited to manicures, facials and visiting the hair salon.

7. Learn what helps you relieve tension. Music? Dancing? Painting? Learn what puts you in your happy place.

8. Shed what is holding you back. Rid yourself of the people that harm more than help. Get rid of all forms of negativity in your life.

9. Be okay with mistakes. You will make mistakes. Your loved ones will make mistakes. You do not have to like the fact that mistakes will happen. However, mistakes are important to growing and learning as a person.

10. You can’t and shouldn’t know everything. You will not know everything. Everything will happen in its own time.

What do you think is important to enter 2015 knowing?


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