5 Tips for When Life Gets a Tad Bit Crazy

Because we all know that life can and will get crazy. Speaking of crazy things, I cannot believe that it is already Fall. Thinking about going back to classes and work has my head spinning. The problem solver I am, I came up with a few tips to remember for this school year.

1.Deep Breaths

Just because your life is crazy does not mean that you get to be as well. Learning to properly breathe is super useful for times when you want to lose it. Getting that extra oxygen in the bloodstream helps your to make clearer decisions when life is spinning in circles around you. People who breathe from their stomach tend to be less anxious and more at peace. Here is a video called: The Benefits of Deep Breathing by YouBeauty, to learn how and why it is important to breathe from your belly.

2. Sing

Or listen to the new Ed Sheeran song, Sing. Bonus points if you sing to Sing. No matter what you choose to do, be that listen or sing, music is such a powerful tool to relax and calm down from life’s daily stresses. Last year, my roommates and I would always sing whenever we cooked or baked. Slowly but surely, the music would make me forget about an upcoming exam or presentation. Which is extremely difficult thing for me because I am such a worry-wart.

3. Surf the Web

No, I am not talking about Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. You are trying to get away from your crazy life, social media included. Allow yourself sometime to laugh at funny videos or find things you are interested in. Youtube and reading blogs happen to be my guilty pleasure. Find something outside of your bubble.

4. Be Active

Cycling and Zumba classes were my saving grace last year. It forced me to take a break from my day and only focus on the task that I was working on. The workout not only put me in a good mood (thanks endorphin’s) but also had me energized to finish my last bits of homework or studying.

5. Focus On One Thing

Multiple studies have shown that multitasking is not very beneficial and often leads to less productivity and efficiency. This school year stop with the texting, emailing, and writing a paper all at the same time. Force yourself to sit down and write that long research paper without distractions. Trust me, the brag worthy grade you get will have everybody wondering whats your secret.

What are your helpful tips for when life gets a tad bit crazy?



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