It’s the Little Things

Before you get too excited this post has nothing to do with a list of this a boyfriend should do for his girlfriend or vice versa. It is about something even more important than expectations of a significant other.

The little things that I am referring to are the little things you love about the world. With the world having the surface area of 196,940,400 square miles, there is lots of places to look for things to love.

I recently found one of my little things while I was out and about shopping. A strange as it sounds, one of the little things that made me happy was a brick blue wall that had flowers sprouting for the base of the structure. There is something about the unconventional beauty of a teal blue brick wall combined with flower blooming from the pavement.



To me, these are the types of little things I crave in life. These are the little things that do not depend on others to make you happy, but depend only on yourself to see beauty in the world. The world is full of little things. Go find your favorites.


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