DIY and Unleashing my Inner Nerd

Personalized items make me giddy. Anything incorporating health sciences makes me super interested. Needless to say this DIY has me unleashing my inner nerd.

Last semester I took a biology course in which we studied mitochondrial DNA. One of the labs encompassed trying to replicate our own mitochondrial DNA though a lovely spit sample. Thankfully, my mitochondrial DNA was sequenced as well as replicated. Which lead me to the idea, that it would be a great artistic typography piece. Below is a picture of my finish product.

camera 622 camera 624

I love the fact that I can learn something new as well as be creative with new information. The ultimate gift of learning is being able to apply it to your own life. 

Fun Fact about Mitochondrial DNA: Unlike DNA, you are not the only person who has your same sequence. Your MtDNA is passed down from your mother. You, your siblings, your mom, your aunts and uncles on your mother’s side, and cousins, born of a female decedent, on your mother’s side all share the same mitochondrial DNA. The more you know!

I love being nerdy and creative.


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