Flop or Not?

At the beginning of the summer my friends and I made a goal to go hiking every Friday morning. Looking back, that was a very ambitious goal for four very busy schedules. Unfortunately, we did not accomplish our goal, but we all learned a very important fact. Hiking is a great stress reliever. Maybe it was the fresh air or the major gossip sessions or a combination, no matter the reason afterward each of us felt rejuvenated and anxious to get back out on the trail. Personally, it does not bother me that we did not reach our goal because we had such a great time the few times that we went out this summer. Enjoying the experience is more important to me than being able to check off something on a list. This most definitely was not a flop. 

Here are some pictures from the hiking adventures:

Cannot get enough of the light shining through the trees and spilling onto the trial.

Cannot get enough of the light shining though the trees and spilling onto the trail. Looks so magical!


It really is not a successful hike unless you find an appropriate hideout. Luckily we found this treasure. However, none of us had the nerve to see if any other creature used this for their home. 


I was so mesmerized by the lookout we hiked on one of our trips. The drop to the water made your gut twist a little bit, but the view was so gorgeous that it was worth it.

treeEverything that we do is unconventional. Including our version of climbing trees. This tree was so massive, the roots were incredible to look at. So obviously we felt the need to take a picture with it.

flowerLast but not least! My favorite picture from this summer hiking trips. So much so that it is the wallpaper on my cell phone. Wild flowers are so beautiful!


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