What is the Meaning of This?

One of the things I love about Rochester is the art that is incorporated into the city. Almost everyday last year I walked by this painted piano. I always admired it whenever I passed it, but I never stopped to look at it for more than five seconds. Realizing that I never stopped to appreciate how awesome it truely is, I felt the need to take a few pictures of it. 

As I got closer, I found the question ‘What is the meaning of this?’ written on the piano. At first I was super excited because this was such an artsy picture that I could upload to Instagram. (My generation Y personalities couldn’t resist an automatic instinct to share this on social media.) But then I asked myself “What is the meaning of this?” 

There are so many different ways to interpret what is being asked. Plain and simple, the meaning of this piano, to me, is the little details are overlooked. Which is a shame because these small details have a huge impact.

Like I said, I walked pasted this piano almost every single day. This made me think of all the people I see on the street. Each one has details and stories. Just like taking time to appreciate the piano, I would be just as inspired by learning from others.

In the grand scheme of life, it is hard to find the time to piece together and think about life. But when you do, it is very rewarding.


What do you think the meaning of this is? 


5 Tips for When Life Gets a Tad Bit Crazy

Because we all know that life can and will get crazy. Speaking of crazy things, I cannot believe that it is already Fall. Thinking about going back to classes and work has my head spinning. The problem solver I am, I came up with a few tips to remember for this school year.

1.Deep Breaths

Just because your life is crazy does not mean that you get to be as well. Learning to properly breathe is super useful for times when you want to lose it. Getting that extra oxygen in the bloodstream helps your to make clearer decisions when life is spinning in circles around you. People who breathe from their stomach tend to be less anxious and more at peace. Here is a video called: The Benefits of Deep Breathing by YouBeauty, to learn how and why it is important to breathe from your belly.

2. Sing

Or listen to the new Ed Sheeran song, Sing. Bonus points if you sing to Sing. No matter what you choose to do, be that listen or sing, music is such a powerful tool to relax and calm down from life’s daily stresses. Last year, my roommates and I would always sing whenever we cooked or baked. Slowly but surely, the music would make me forget about an upcoming exam or presentation. Which is extremely difficult thing for me because I am such a worry-wart.

3. Surf the Web

No, I am not talking about Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. You are trying to get away from your crazy life, social media included. Allow yourself sometime to laugh at funny videos or find things you are interested in. Youtube and reading blogs happen to be my guilty pleasure. Find something outside of your bubble.

4. Be Active

Cycling and Zumba classes were my saving grace last year. It forced me to take a break from my day and only focus on the task that I was working on. The workout not only put me in a good mood (thanks endorphin’s) but also had me energized to finish my last bits of homework or studying.

5. Focus On One Thing

Multiple studies have shown that multitasking is not very beneficial and often leads to less productivity and efficiency. This school year stop with the texting, emailing, and writing a paper all at the same time. Force yourself to sit down and write that long research paper without distractions. Trust me, the brag worthy grade you get will have everybody wondering whats your secret.

What are your helpful tips for when life gets a tad bit crazy?


Body Attitude > Body Image

Body Image. Just the phrase makes me cringe and want to cover my ears and run away.

Like everyone else, I was brought up on the phrase body image. There is a good body image and bad body image. When it comes personal identity there is more than just good and bad. For me, some days are filled with an overwhelming sense of self worth. Other days I wish I was someone else. Most days are neutral or somewhere in between. The fact is it is normal to not always have a positive body image. One thing that should be focused on more is ‘body attitude.’ Not only does the term have no strings attached but it better represents what is trying to be accomplished.

My thoughts circulating around about the phrase ‘body image’ bring me back to my ten-year-old self. At the time, I had no grasp of a positive self image. The only things I was aware of was what I was not. I did not have a thigh gap. I was not able to clearly see my collarbone. I did not have a oval face shape. I did not have the height of a super model. I did not have long legs. I did not have clear skin. The body image I had created for myself was extremely negative. Everyday I would look in the mirror and only see things that needed to be changed.

Attitude is so much more powerful than an image. An attitude can be easily changed, whereas an image is hard to erase. The power to change your mind is a great thing. It leads to innovation and new ideas. An image is something that is given to you. An attitude is something you make for yourself. The human body is more than just plain and simple, it is what you make it to be.

To this day, I pretty much look the same. There came a point over the years when I realized I was looking at everything all wrong and my ‘body attitude’ changed. I may not have a thigh gap or long legs, but my legs are strong and powerful. It is healthy to have meat on my bones; it is unhealthy for me to have such an evident collarbone. I have my fathers high cheek bones and round face, I am proud when people can tell that I am his daughter. I may not be the height of a supermodel, but that doesn’t really matter because I realized I cannot walk in heels anyway. Acne is not fun but it is normal. It takes time to change your ‘body attitude.’ Even now it would be untruthful for me to say that I am 100% comfortable in my skin. Learning to love your body instead of hating it is a leap in the right direction.

19 Things I Learned my 19th Summer

Nature has a way of calming the mind down from daily demands. As I stare at the lake, watching people enjoy the last but of summer, I felt the need to reflect on one of my most life changing summers. My 19th summer was filled with so many life lessons. Some good. Some not so great. That being said here are 19 things that I learned this summer.

1. I will not budge on my personal working standards.
2. A little bit of kindness can go a long way.
3. Sometimes compassion is not enough.
4. Regret is an awful aftertaste.
5. Smiles truly are day changing.
6. Do something that makes you uncomfortable, you will grow as a person.
7. There is no such thing as a bad experience, it’s a learning experience.
8. It is okay to be scared or not know what to do.
9. It is also okay to ask for help.
10. Learn about other peoples needs and wants. It can change your own perspective.
11. Take time for yourself. Listen to your body.
12. People really do appreciate when you go the extra mile.
13. However, know when people are taking advantage of you.
14. There is a difference between being rude and standing up for yourself.
15. People love happy people. 🙂
16. Talk to people you normally wouldn’t. Life’s no fun when you are in a bubble.
17. Attitudes are contagious, try to give off a good one.
18. Moms give the best love advice. Listen to her most of the time.
19. I do not know everything and still have so much more to learn.

It’s the Little Things

Before you get too excited this post has nothing to do with a list of this a boyfriend should do for his girlfriend or vice versa. It is about something even more important than expectations of a significant other.

The little things that I am referring to are the little things you love about the world. With the world having the surface area of 196,940,400 square miles, there is lots of places to look for things to love.

I recently found one of my little things while I was out and about shopping. A strange as it sounds, one of the little things that made me happy was a brick blue wall that had flowers sprouting for the base of the structure. There is something about the unconventional beauty of a teal blue brick wall combined with flower blooming from the pavement.



To me, these are the types of little things I crave in life. These are the little things that do not depend on others to make you happy, but depend only on yourself to see beauty in the world. The world is full of little things. Go find your favorites.

DIY and Unleashing my Inner Nerd

Personalized items make me giddy. Anything incorporating health sciences makes me super interested. Needless to say this DIY has me unleashing my inner nerd.

Last semester I took a biology course in which we studied mitochondrial DNA. One of the labs encompassed trying to replicate our own mitochondrial DNA though a lovely spit sample. Thankfully, my mitochondrial DNA was sequenced as well as replicated. Which lead me to the idea, that it would be a great artistic typography piece. Below is a picture of my finish product.

camera 622 camera 624

I love the fact that I can learn something new as well as be creative with new information. The ultimate gift of learning is being able to apply it to your own life. 

Fun Fact about Mitochondrial DNA: Unlike DNA, you are not the only person who has your same sequence. Your MtDNA is passed down from your mother. You, your siblings, your mom, your aunts and uncles on your mother’s side, and cousins, born of a female decedent, on your mother’s side all share the same mitochondrial DNA. The more you know!

I love being nerdy and creative.

Flop or Not?

At the beginning of the summer my friends and I made a goal to go hiking every Friday morning. Looking back, that was a very ambitious goal for four very busy schedules. Unfortunately, we did not accomplish our goal, but we all learned a very important fact. Hiking is a great stress reliever. Maybe it was the fresh air or the major gossip sessions or a combination, no matter the reason afterward each of us felt rejuvenated and anxious to get back out on the trail. Personally, it does not bother me that we did not reach our goal because we had such a great time the few times that we went out this summer. Enjoying the experience is more important to me than being able to check off something on a list. This most definitely was not a flop. 

Here are some pictures from the hiking adventures:

Cannot get enough of the light shining through the trees and spilling onto the trial.

Cannot get enough of the light shining though the trees and spilling onto the trail. Looks so magical!


It really is not a successful hike unless you find an appropriate hideout. Luckily we found this treasure. However, none of us had the nerve to see if any other creature used this for their home. 


I was so mesmerized by the lookout we hiked on one of our trips. The drop to the water made your gut twist a little bit, but the view was so gorgeous that it was worth it.

treeEverything that we do is unconventional. Including our version of climbing trees. This tree was so massive, the roots were incredible to look at. So obviously we felt the need to take a picture with it.

flowerLast but not least! My favorite picture from this summer hiking trips. So much so that it is the wallpaper on my cell phone. Wild flowers are so beautiful!